Camera Hire Heavily Investing In CiNX From Miller Tripods

Purchase Includes 10 CiNX 3 Fluid Heads and 10 Sprinter II 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Tripods, Providing Customers With Reliable Camera Support Solutions


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, JANUARY 13, 2020 — Camera Hire, a well-established Australian rental company and a leader in industry camera support solutions, recently purchased 10 CiNX 3 Fluid Heads and 10 Sprinter II 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Tripods from Miller Tripods.  For over a decade, Camera Hire has provided professional cameras and supporting equipment for a large range of productions including commercials, documentaries and feature films.


As a long-time customer of Miller Tripods, Bevan Dally, managing director of Camera Hire, knows he can always turn to Miller to provide top-of-the-line solutions for his customer base. “We’ve been using Miller’s ArrowX series for some time now and the fluid heads are excellent,” he says. “The payload range and versatility are very beneficial considering the various types of jobs we support. With the CiNX line, our customers are able to mount a variety of cameras, including Sony’s FS7, Canon’s C300’s, and ARRI’S Alexa Mini and Amira, with ease.”


Thanks to Miller’s CiNX 3 Fluid Heads, Camera Hire can provide its customers with a solution that significantly improves cinematographer’s workflows. “Upgrading to the brand new CiNX series was a no brainer for us, especially because of its ability to mount ARRI dovetail plates directly on the head,” Dally says. “We can now easily provide our clients with a Sony VCT or ARRI dovetail system using the same fluid head, without the need to swap back and forth between multiple plates. With CiNX fluid heads, cinematographer’s can easily and quickly change from one camera to another with a seamless transition.”


Additionally, Miller’s Sprinter II 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Tripods provide additional benefits to Camera Hire’s customers. “The Sprinter II series legs hit a nice balance between solid stability while still being relatively light-weight, which are two very important features cinematographers look for in their tripod solutions,” adds Dally. “They are very fast to set up compared to other tripods we have used—which is a huge selling point for our customers while out on a shoot. The Sprinter II Tripod paired with a CiNX Fluid Head makes for a solid overall system.”


Camera Hire has been receiving a great deal of positive feedback on both the fluid heads and the tripods from its rental customers. Additionally, Dally has been both impressed and appreciative of the support he receives from Miller Tripods. “To have a quality tripod brand made right here in Australia is fantastic. Miller’s customer support staff is always happy to help locally and internationally, which is very important to us as our customers are on location across the globe. The support we receive from Miller is simply outstanding.”