Broadpeak to Showcase Mobile-First CDN Solution at Mobile World Congress 2022

Broadpeak® Mobile World Congress 2022 Exhibitor Preview
Feb. 28 – March 3
Stand 5B19, Hall 5

Broadpeak is excited to share the company’s latest content delivery network (CDN) innovations with customers and partners, face to face, at Mobile World Congress 2022. At the show, Broadpeak will highlight its mobile-first CDN solution that optimizes video streaming over mobile — in particular 5G — networks, ensures an exceptional quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers on every screen, and enhances the energy efficiency of streaming.

“Video consumption on mobile devices has seen explosive growth over the last few years, and service providers need efficient solutions for delivering video services over mobile networks, including 5G,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “Broadpeak is leading the way to the next generation of video streaming with a powerful, environmentally sustainable CDN solution. We look forward to showcasing our expertise in video streaming over 4G and 5G networks at Mobile World Congress.”

Delivering Outstanding Video Experiences to Mobile and FWA Subscribers
At Mobile World Congress 2022, Broadpeak will show advanced functionalities and far-edge cloud capabilities for 5G streaming to help video service providers deliver an outstanding experience to mobile, fixed wireless, and wireline access users.

Demonstrations will include:
Network-controlled ABR streaming: Broadpeak’s S4Streaming significantly improves video streaming QoE in mobile networks, with network-controlled adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming technology that handles bandwidth measurement and video segment selection on the server side. At Mobile World Congress 2022, Broadpeak will showcase how S4Streaming allows operators to take control over video streaming for various use cases, such as mobile traffic peaks, fixed wireless access, and low-latency content.
Multi-access edge computing (MEC) and deep edge caching: Broadpeak offers far-edge cloud CDN capabilities dedicated to mobile and 5G streaming. At Mobile World Congress, Broadpeak will demo innovative edge caching functionalities, such as 5G and MEC integration, multicast ABR in contribution mode, and edge CDN orchestration (dynamic caching VNF/CNF placement). By streaming video content from the far edge of the mobile and 5G network, service providers can deliver low-latency video streams, reduce congestion, and provide faster startup times, all without rebuffering.

Maximizing the Value of 5G Networks
Broadpeak’s mobile-first CDN allows service providers to keep costs under control while also maximizing the value of their 5G network. With Broadpeak’s solution, communication service providers can increase the value of their 5G CDN by offering a “smart pipe” to third-party service providers for the delivery of direct-to-consumer content with a premium quality of experience. Broadpeak’s solution leverages state-of-the-art open caching, geo-targeted ad insertion, and multicast ABR technologies on display at Mobile World Congress 2022.

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Streaming
Broadpeak’s advanced CDN enables service providers to build more environmentally sustainable video delivery networks. With Broadpeak’s sustainable approach to video streaming, service providers can drastically reduce power consumption. Broadpeak’s CDN leverages multicast transmission and platform mutualization technology (multi-purpose and multi-tenancy), virtualization (dynamic placement), and power-efficient software/hardware integration.

Broadpeak will also be part of:
AWS Partner Village, with Broadpeak highlighting how it helps content providers deliver the most engaging streaming experiences on 5G with AWS Wavelength.
Intel’s Front Row Experiences, with Broadpeak showing how its advanced CDN can run on a multipurpose telco edge cloud platform.

Company Overview:
Broadpeak® designs and manufactures video delivery components for content providers and network service providers deploying IPTV, cable, OTT, and mobile services. Its portfolio of solutions and technologies powers the delivery of movies, television programming, and other video content over managed networks and the internet for viewing on any type of device. The company’s systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience.

Broadpeak supports all of its customers worldwide, from simple installations to large delivery systems reaching capacities of several million of simultaneous streams. The company is headquartered in Cesson-Sevigne, France.

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Broadpeak at Mobile World Congress 2022: Company to highlight its mobile-first CDN solution that optimizes video streaming over mobile networks, including 5G.


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