Broadcast Management Group Makes Solid Connection With Canare

Variety of Cables, Connectors and Patchbays Deliver World-class Quality and Reliability

LAS VEGAS, DECEMBER 5, 2022 — Megan Kirst has always been intrigued by electronics. Her industry experience began as an intern, and she has dedicated the last 35 years of her life to building world-class broadcast systems. As the Senior Vice President of Systems Design and Integration at Broadcast Management Group (BMG), Kirst continues to build systems not only for many corporations, TV stations and government facilities, but for BMG’s Broadcast and Production divisions as well. To create these state-of-the-art systems, Kirst relies on a selection of Canare cables, connectors and patchbays.

With a worldwide clientele and projects of various sizes and scopes, BMG’s knowledge and expertise are constantly put to the test when designing systems. Fortunately, Canare’s extensive product catalog has been by Kirst’s side for over three decades.

“Canare has always been my go-to cable,” says Kirst. “The quality and reliability of Canare cables and connectors is second to none. We often run thousands of wires across thousands of meters. Knowing that you are running the best cables you can is very reassuring. It’s one less thing I have to worry about when building these complex systems.”

Today, Kirst utilizes a variety of Canare 3G and 12G-SDI(4K) cables for cameras and video patchbays, depending on the facility and the project. “My use of Canare cables is fairly extensive, but some of the products that I use often, and love, are the L-2.5CHD video cables, 32MD-ST 3G patchbays and BCP-B25HD BNC connectors,” she adds. “I also like the FCC150N-CCA SMPTE cable. For audio cables, I use Canare’s L-2B2AT two-conductor microphone cable as well as the L-4E3-8P eight-channel star quad multi-pair cable. Whatever I use, I know I won’t have any failures with Canare cables. They are very reliable and have no roll-off issues whatsoever.”

Some recent BMG projects include the installation of a huge router as part of a systems upgrade at BMG’s Las Vegas large broadcast facility, where thousands of meters of Canare cables were used, along with the brand’s connectors and patchbays. Kirst also implemented Canare for a studio build at UBS investment company in New York City. The project features a control room, rack rooms and equipment rooms, all equipped with Canare. Other projects include an OTT broadcast channel for TD Ameritrade in Chicago and a small system for Hilton Hotels Worldwide just outside of Washington, DC. BMG is also building its own REMI trucks that will integrate a large amount of Canare, including the Canare L-5.5CUHWS 12G-SDI cables, which are ideal for mobile applications.

Kirst also appreciates the variety of aesthetic options that Canare provides for its cables. “I like the size of Canare’s cables―they are not too thick or bulky,” she says. “I also like the various color choices, which are readily available and allow us to keep setups nice and organized, especially on large projects. Additionally, the company is very easy to work with. The people at Canare are outstanding. They are very quick to respond, very supportive, and good at communicating with us. It’s been a wonderful relationship.”


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