BenQ Photo Vue SW240: Affordable monitor on BenQ’s Color Accurate PhotoVue line

The SW240 BenQ PhotoVue monitor builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor, the SW2700PT, and sets a new benchmark for wide color gamut monitors, taking image quality to the next level. Supported by BenQ’s AQCOLOR Technology, the 24.1”,16:10 monitor covers 99% Adobe RGB color space, 100% sRGB, 95% DCI-P3, and the Color Mode HotKey for switching color modes with ease. What’s more, the SW240 comes readily calibrated out of the factory. Through the use of BenQ’s Palette Master Element calibration software, color accuracy can be assured on the display. The SW240 is the most affordable monitor in our offering, with a perfect price point for amateur photographers, students and hobbyists, looking to perfect the color in their workflow.

The key features include:

  • 24.1 inches, 16:10, 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • 99% Adobe RGB coverage, 100% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3
  • 14-bit 3D LUT, ΔE ≤ 2
  • Hardware Calibration with Palette Master Element calibration software
  • Color Mode HotKey for switching between color modes
  • Advanced Black & White mode
  • Optional shading hood

As the frontrunner of the professional monitor industry, BenQ has never slowed down but sought out further improvement for photographers, especially in the respect of the quality of color reproduction, viewing comfort and user convenience. The SW240 is no different; with its 99% Adobe RGB wide color gamut which offers an impressive range of vibrant colours, it’s the perfect piece of professional equipment, where the user can save money against other similar spec models, without a compromise on quality. With the help of BenQ’s Palette Master Element Calibration software, users can tune and maintain the color at its most optimal state and adjust the image processing chip in the monitor without changing the graphics card output data. It keeps the images consistent with its original copies, without being affected by graphic settings.

The SW240 has a perfect screen size for photographers to do their work with ease. With a 24.1” 16:10 panel, it can display two full A4 pages plus tool palettes, for photographers to easily compare the content on the screen. The BenQ team always seeks the easiest way for our users to use a monitor; by upgrading user experience, they have developed a new OSD hotkey (Color Mode HotKey) for switching 
different color modes smartly and with ease, which is ideally located on the bottom edge of the monitor. Also, the SW240 has its edge-to-edge ultra slim bezels, allowing photographers to set up a dual-monitor workspace for an impressive view.

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