Artel Video Systems at the 2022 NAB Show New York

In Booth 1925 at the 2022 NAB Show New York, Artel will feature products that simplify broadcasters’ shift to hybrid IP/SDI and all-IP operations. Visitors to the Artel booth can get hands-on demonstrations of the SMART Multimedia Delivery Platform in DigiLink/InfinityLink configurations and the award-winning SMART Multimedia Delivery Platform in openGear® (SMART OG), which brings even greater operational simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. Artel also will exhibit its Quarra IP PTP switches and FiberLink® family of media transport products.

SMART Multimedia Delivery Platform™ in DigiLink, InfinityLink, and openGear®
Artel’s SMART Media Delivery Platform™ is a software-defined, four-channel, auto-sensing 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI-over-IP multifunction gateway with integrated nonblocking Layer 2/3 switching and routing capabilities. It is available in DigiLink/InfinityLink and openGear® configurations. The software-enabled solution features four video ports for transporting video, audio, and ancillary data and four GigE data ports bridged to one or two 10G interfaces. Designed to attach seamlessly to the IP network without external network elements, the SMART platform supports SMPTE ST 2022-1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 (hitless switching); J2K compression; QoS; VLAN tagging; and traffic management.

The openGear version, SMART OG, is the first to bring the family of JPEG compression engines — including those specified in VSF TR-01, TR-07, and TR-08 — onto the openGear platform. With SMART OG, users can deploy hardware once and easily change the gateway function via a software update. Winner of a 2021 NAB Show Product of the Year Award in the Hardware Infrastructure category, Artel’s SMART OG offers exceptional flexibility in a popular frame. The SMART OG is initially configured for a specific function, but it may be adapted thereafter for a growing array of functions, such as reformatting or encoding per JPEG2000, JPEG-XS, SMPTE ST 2110, SMPTE ST 2022-1/2/5/6/7, H.265, IEEE 1588, or other functions yet to be specified. The gateway provides four BNCs for SDI or ASI input/output and two 10GbE SFPs for trunking and aggregation.

Throughout the show, Artel will offer live demos highlighting the SMART platform’s JPEG-XS support and flexibility. Attendees will see how they can enable different functionality on the hardware by selecting different icons in the software. One SMART implementation will be shown running J2K compressed video and another (the SMART OG) running JPEG-XS compressed video so people can compare the two streams.

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Photo Caption: Artel Video Systems’ SMART Media Delivery Platform™

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Photo Caption: Artel Video Systems’ SMART Multimedia Delivery Platform™ in openGear®

Quarra PTP Ethernet Switches — Now Even Quieter
Designed for audio/video broadcast, live performance environments such as opera houses, defense and security, finance, utilities, telecom, and enterprise IT applications in which accurate timing and control are required, Artel’s Quarra family of PTP-aware managed IP switches offers the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization. Quarra switches have been modified to support live performance environments. Quarra now features quieter fans as well as new software-based controls that vary fan speed based on temperature for less overall noise. The switches support SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2059-2, permitting interoperable use of IP-based media equipment with conventional genlocked SDI equipment. The switches are RAVENNA AES67-approved and Dante- and QSC-tested.

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Photo Caption: Artel Video Systems’ Quarra 10G PTP Ethernet Switch

FiberLink® Family of Media Transport Products
Supporting nearly every type of video, audio, and data signal, including the FiberLink® ST 2110 gateway, Artel’s FiberLink media transport products bring much-needed flexibility to broadcast or corporate studios, OB vans, point-of-view cameras, rental and staging, auditoriums, stadiums and theaters, transportation hubs, distance learning, and other pro A/V environments. Devices in the family boast SMPTE standards support to ensure interoperability and reliability in video, audio, and data transport.

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Photo Caption: Artel Video Systems’ FiberLink® SMPTE ST 2110 gateway

Company Quote:
“As the industry implements more software-defined technology, increases its use of cloud-based production, and focuses on properly functioning IP networks, we’re making sure our products evolve to meet those demands. We invite people to stop by our booth to see how Artel can help them increase operational flexibility, reduce effort, ensure proper timing, and much more.”
Rafael Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management, Artel Video Systems

Company Overview:
Artel Video Systems is a world-class provider of innovative, real-time multimedia delivery solutions serving global markets. Today, most live events in the U.S. traverse Artel products to support their mission-critical workflows. Artel’s expertise in IP- and fiber-based technologies spans more than 30 years and has established Artel as a trusted partner in the development of reliable, standards-based IP infrastructures. Artel’s integrated solutions include precision timing, IP-and fiber-based multimedia delivery, data networking, and OTT systems. Artel is an employee-owned business. More information is available at

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