ARRI supports Cannes Lions Masters Series

Cannes Lions Masters Series: MOVEMBER

Under the new Masters Series scheme, Basoli and Picchiotti were invited back to Cannes and challenged to produce a piece of up to 60 seconds for Movember, a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness of men’s health issues by — among other things — encouraging men to grow moustaches through the month of November for the cause. Movember is the same charity for which Basoli and Picchiotti produced their winning 2012 Young Lions project.

ARRI, a Cannes Lions partner, supplied an ALEXA camera and the services of cinematographer Ivan Filipovic, allowing Basoli and Picchiotti to create a high production value version of their original concept. Postproduction support was provided by sponsor Deluxe.

With cutting edge camera and post technology at their disposal, these brilliant young creative minds were able to take their idea to new levels.

Filipovic recorded to the ALEXA camera in ProRes 444, illustrating that the ProRes format is suitable for high quality ads, even when significant postproduction work is involved.

The final film was screened in Cannes at the end of June and will be used to support the admirable efforts of Movember.