ArGest CreativeSTORE and BRU PE for Windows


ArGest CreativeSTORE is TOLIS Group’s complete ingest to archive solution.

CreativeSTORE — a pre-configured, high performance server, shared storage, digital media and asset management, and archival solution that combines the stability and scalability of a high end Linux-based server system with the tools necessary for ingesting, storing, sharing, managing, archiving, and delivering your media assets on all modern platforms – Mac, Windows, and Linux – using the high performance and high capacity LTO tape platform with the proven reliability and performance of the BRU tape format.

By combining and tightly integrating Square Box’s CatDV Desktop Pro, CatDV Server and HTML Client, Dax Archiving’s Broadcast Archive, and TOLIS Group’s own BRU Server applications, we provide a complete solution for a videographer, post house or a large studio archival infrastructure. By utilizing proven, server-grade components, the ArGest CreativeSTORE server provides a rock-solid platform for media ingest, storage, sharing, management and archival of any type of digital media.  By using CatDV’s Worker Node on a Windows or Mac OS X workstation, you can add automatic transcoding, archival, and file placement within the shared storage architecture provided on the fully scalable XFS-based storage pools.

The default configuration is a 2U rack enclosure with 16, 4TB 7200RPM disks in a RAID-5 layout to provide 28TB of sharable storage expandable in 16TB, 24TB or 32TB steps for up to 460TB of storage capacity.  The included dual 1GbE and dual 10GbE network interfaces allows asset sharing with a workgroup or an entire organization that is only limited by your network infrastructure.  With normal disk I/O speeds exceeding 1.2GB/sec, a single CreativeSTORE server can provide up to 8 simultaneous streams of 1080p 10bit YUV source.  Sharing that through a pair of 10GbE network links means that you can provide very cost-effective shared storage that is intimately tied into your DAM workflow without requiring a separate file copy workflow.

BRU Producer’s Edition™ software for Mac OS X and Windows systems from TOLIS Group makes archiving creative assets as easy as drag, drop and click.

TOLIS Group’s BRU products have been providing archival and backup solutions for critical data storage for over 27 years. BRU has retained the tightest levels of performance, reliability, accountability, and compatibility since its birth in 1985. Today, production teams are faced with the issues of continuous data expansion and the need for both day to day backup and long term archival of the data being created.  BRU solutions provide both backup and archival capabilities in a single, versatile and easy-to-use package.  Because BRU’s storage format is designed from the ground up for both short-term backup and long term archival, you don’t need to manage multiple applications to accomplish both classifications of data storage.

With BRU Producer’s Edition, film, broadcast, television, music, and graphic design industry creators have a reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution to protect key creative digital assets regardless of their level of computer technical knowledge. Simply drag-and-drop session files, volumes, or folders into the BRU PE interface for easy creation of the archives. Applications currently supported by this functionality include: major DAW and NLE suites, Sonic Studio, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and others. BRU Producer’s Edition supports standalone environments, and integrates into networked environments supported by other BRU solutions.



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