Aaton Digital and Transvideo, with their reputation for innovation and exacting standards, are showing new products at IBC 2017 on their stand 12F30 in hall12.

Aaton-Digital will demonstrate the new CantarMini location sound recorder and the new Cantaress mixing surface, while Transvideo will present its new Stargate high specification monitor and the new CineMonitorHD. Also on show, the StarliteRF-a monitor and the new StarliteHD-e monitor.

Starlite RF-a & StarliteHD-e
Transvideo’s Starlite family of 5” HD OLED touchscreen monitor products are designed to be intuitive to the professional. The Starlite family hosts a high-resolution monitor, with built-in tools including waveform monitor, vectorscope, and histogram. The menu is customizable with Smart Corner shortcuts.

The Starlite RF-a is a robust and relialable wireless monitor with a 200m/600ft range. It now includes user controls for ARRI’s ALEXA Mini and AMIRA as standard, usable also on any other cameras but without the direct controlling mode. The system is scalable up to 2 TitanHD2Tx transmitters and 4 receivers. The StarliteRF-a creates a reliable connection in just a few seconds. Built to last; the Starlite RF-a gives you reliability even in the toughest environments.

Based on the innovative StarliteHD core technologies the StarliteHD-evolution (StarliteHD-e,) adds the facility to record lens metadata from intelligent lenses (COOKE/I, or ARRI LDS or ZEISS eXtended Data lenses). Captured directly with the camera time code and stored on an SD-card, the lens data saves time in post-production by offering technical lens information to the visual effects department.

The Starlite family has low power consumption whilst an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 compression directly on to SD cards of up to 128GB. You can take snap-shots and generate PDF reports including camera metadata (from cameras carrying metadata via HD-SDI only).

CinemonitorHD & HDR
The legendary CineMonitorHD family has been enhanced with added features and HDR functionalities.

New matrices for the CineMonitoHD 8”, 10” and 12” give an improved viewing angle as well an extended color gamut. A new CineMonitorHD8 XSBL for body-rig applications will be demonstrated on the booth. The CineMonitorHD-XSBL is the flagship of Transvideo for Steadicam™ type applications; available in 6” and 8” sizes.

The profile menu has been expanded for all versions of the CineMonitorHD with several HDR modes and S-Log3 responses.
Transvideo has been offering HDR functionality for over 10 years with monitors offering a brightness of 1000 nits or more, a high contrast ratio and adapted response curves. Transvideo is part of the NevEx consortium, a European HDR project organized around Technicolor.     

The Stargate 7” monitor recorder provides all the necessary functions in an intuitive interface with Transvideo accuracy, robustness and reliability.

One of the most ergonomic monitors from Transvideo, the Stargate is equipped with direct access buttons allowing quick accessibility to specific features aided by a Joystick to quickly navigate into menus and adjustments.
Fast Mode capability allows an immediate display of the camera output without introducing any delay from the monitor.
Record dailies and export them in MP4 to your SD card to keep track of your work.
Store and use 3D LUTs directly on the monitor-allowing user to preview the video with the final look or to use camera manufacturer gamma correction 3DLUT.

Full HD Display 1920×1080
Compatible with 4K – 6G
Brightness: 800 Nits
Inputs: 1x3G & HD SDI 1xHDMI
Outputs: 1x 3G & HD/SD SDI (processed)
Job-oriented Views®: feature a specific set assignment for each job – no need to navigate in deep menus to find the right tools.
Direct access to assistant tools such as Focus Helper, Peaking, Markers, and variable Zoom.
Several profiles available: Rec 709, Log-C, Canon-Log, S-Log, S-Log2, Linear and also a HDR mode with adjustable knee.

Aaton Digital presents the Cantaress, its latest contribution to the sound industry; this innovative mixing surface offers an extraordinary feel and high durability for all intensive users. The Cantaress is compatible with both the CantarX3 and the CantarMini recorders.

With its extra-wide foldable display, perfectly aligned to the VU meters of the 12 assignable channel strips, the Cantaress provides for each channel an instant view of the setup of analogue Input gain, solo functionalities, mix gain and equalization.
In addition to the main display, 2 intuitive screens are available on the right of the faders to show custom options, setup or shortcuts.
An optional hand rest including the famous Cantar main selector duplicates the original control interface.
Large mixing surface lovers will find comfort, design and ergonomics they cherish while using their Cantar.

Rec and Play facility by free firmware update for CantarX3 and CantarMini
The Record & Play facility allows clone, remix and solo music operation but is also invaluable for the film industry to remix some tracks or to add more sound tracks to existing ones.
This unique feature on a field recorder makes the Cantar able to play and record files simultaneously without any latency.
Many possibilities are offered, including:
– to add a new track to an already recorded file (sound on sound – no latency)
– to clone your last take (all your ISO tracks) and redo your mix down track(s) – say you did a perfect mix down except that you cut one track a little too early, you re-record without losing your mix down and remix just that channel.
– To re-record a dialogue that cannot be saved from production tracks (ADR or looping).
– During a live recording, to play and eventually re-record sounds stored in the cantarX3. i.e. telephone call, background music, wild sounds…

Free software update available from the Aaton Digital web site for CantarX3 and CantarMini.