98point6 Brings Virtual Medicine to PhotoPlus 2018 Expo: On-Demand Primary Care Is a Game-Changer for the Self-Employed

98point6 is on-site at PhotoPlus 2018 Expo to introduce a groundbreaking new mobile app that leverages AI to provide accessible, affordable primary care right from your smartphone. As seen on CNBC and, the service provides on-demand consultation, diagnosis and treatment by connecting patients to U.S.-based, board-certified physicians—all via secure, in-app messaging.

Primary care is a necessity for all, serving as the frontline for healthcare and disease prevention, keeping us healthier as we age. However, seeing a doctor has become increasingly difficult, with an average wait time of 24 days just for an appointment. Coupled with rising medical costs, today’s patients are left wondering whether they need treatment enough to warrant the time and expense.

And no one needs access to high-quality, cost-effective primary care as much as the self-employed. Not only do they lack traditional employer-sponsored assistance, such as insurance, PTO and sick days, excess time spent at the doctor’s office and pushed deadlines due to illness directly impact revenue since when they’re not working, they’re not earning. With the freelance worker population on the rise and expected to increase exponentially over the next few years, there is a growing need to provide those who don’t have access to traditional benefits with an affordable, on-demand solution to receiving primary care.

98point6 fills the unmet need in this space, offering busy, self-employed individuals simple and direct access to a physician. 98point6 doesn’t require patients to have insurance and the easy-to-use app allows workers to get the primary care they need at their convenience—whether they’re on the go, at the studio or working from home.

98point6 believes everyone should have access to primary care, which is why they’re offering their subscription-based service for an introductory rate of $20 for the first year.

Interested in learning more? 98point6 representatives will be hosting live demos at booth 931 for two hours each day to allow attendees to take a personal look inside the product.

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