4K London chooses Leader LV5330 and LV5380 test instruments

4K London, one of Britain’s most active providers of digital cinematography support services, has invested in Leader LV5330 and LV5380 multi-standard video signal analysers for integration into its high-specification electronic imaging systems. The sales were made via Leader’s UK reseller Thameside TV which is based in Shepperton.

“We are an agency supplying digital imaging technicians and equipment to film makers,” states 4K London’s Workflow Supervisor Tristan Hey. “These latest purchases join our existing inventory of LV5330 instruments which have been used very successfully since we purchased them in mid 2011. They have proved very effective for digital cinema shoots made with Panavision and ARRI Alexa/Codex workflow, Red Epic and Sony F-65 as well as other digital formats.

“All our LV5330 and LV 5380 instruments are equipped with Leader’s CINELITE and CINEZONE toolsets which give much more intuitive display of relative brightness. CINELITE allows cinematographers to work with the same f-stop settings they have employed for decades, and to perform cursor-based comparison of relative levels at any point on the image. CINEZONE provides continuous real-time assurance against luminance overload using colour-coded display of luminance level.

“The LV5330 and LV 5380 also allow accurate and efficient addition on-set colour management and quality control. Both models have the same operating interface. Besides being inherently easy to use, this allows a production crew to move quickly between one or other model. LV5330 and LV5380 test instruments are also used as part of our digital media backup and long-term archiving service, allowing spot checks to ensure content is fully up to specification.”

Designed for on-camera operation, the Leader LV5330 is compatible with over 20 HD-SDI/SD-SDI formats, including SMPTE 259M, 274M, 292M, and 296M. Its 6 inch XGA TFT screen can be set to display YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, GBR or RGB luminance waveform, colour vector, five-bar, surround-sound level, status or video source. Freeze mode allows comparisons of different SDI input signals. Thumbnail picture display can be selected with other multi-display operating modes for easy source identification. Input format, colorimetry, black burst or tri-level external reference input are auto-sensed.

The LV5330’s display panel is framed on three sides by clearly labelled pushbutton function selectors, plus three rotary adjustment controls and a forward-facing USB interface, making the LV5330 exceptionally easy to control.

Additional features include signal status and protocol checks, user-settable error monitoring and detection, digital line-selection and menu control storage of 30 front-panel configurations. Screen shots, personalised presets and software updates can be communicated via detachable USB memory. The LV5330 occupies a 215 x 128 x 63 millimetres housing, weighs 1.3 kilogrammes. It can be powered from mains or battery.

Leader’s LV5380 has a similar specification to the LV5330 plus a larger 8.4 inch XGA screen allowing more precise picture and waveform evaluation. Dimensions are 315 x 176 x 85 millimetres and weight is 2 kilogrammes. CINELITE and CINEZONE are options for the LV5380 and standard features of the LV5330. 

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