2014 Midland Radio Corporation

Since the late 1950’s, Midland has engineered, manufactured and distributed its innovative communication products world-wide, offering products with the latest features at value prices.

A market leader in several categories, Midland is one of the leading suppliers of all-hazards/weather alert radios in the United States and also competes in the action camera market with its XTC line of wearable POV (point of view) video cameras.

Midland is the oldest manufacturer of CB radios in the U.S. and was the first to introduce a 14-channel FRS radio to the market.

Midland Radio Corporation has two distinct product lines: f Consumer products f Land Mobile Radio (LMR), also known as professional or commercial radios  Consumer products Midland’s consumer product lines include GMRS/FRS two-way radios, XTC wearable video cameras, NOAA all-hazards/weather alert radios, citizen band radios (CBs), marine radios, and Bluetooth intercom systems, as well as a wide range of antennas and accessories.

These products are sold through major national and regional retailers of electronics, sporting goods, and general merchandise retailers and also appear extensively in catalogs and online.

Commercial products Midland’s commercial products include both analog and digital public safety grade radio products: f P25 Compliant Mobiles, Portables, Desktops, and Base Station/Repeaters f VHF and UHF portable (hand-held) radios  f High performance, frequency synthesized VHF and UHF mobile radios  f State-of-the-art base station / repeater units (Low-band, through 800 MHz)  Midland’s complete line of commercial P25 products utilize a digital protocol that enables critical interoperability of communications networks and are primarily designed for use by government entities including public safety, emergency responders, and forestry. Unique to the market and offering an incredible advantage, Midland’s professional radios are fully upgradeable, allowing users to keep equipment up-to-date without the expense of purchasing new equipment every year.

International Operations  Midland Radio Corporation is a member of an international group of companies with affiliates in North America, Europe, and Asia. Midland’s US operations are headquartered in a state-of-the-art distribution facility at 5900 Parretta Dr, Kansas City, MO 64120. For more information, please contact Midland on the web at www.midlandusa.com, call 816-241-8500, or follow Midland on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (midlandusa).

Midland’s New Wi-Fi HD Wearable Video Camera

Midland Radio Corporation announced the addition of Model XTC400 to its line of 1080p HD Wearable Video Cameras. These easy to use cameras are packed with upgraded features that make recording and sharing videos a snap.

Now equipped with Wi-Fi, the XTC400 can connect to tablets and smart phones to control the camera through an easy to use app (available for iOS and Android). With the app, you can start and stop recording, take 12 MP still photographs, set up time lapse photos, set low light sensitivity, and more. The camera also features an external microphone jack and a rotating 270° lens that ensures the picture is always upright so more time can be spent living the experience and less time spent on editing.

The XTC400 includes a unique tri-mount system with top, bottom and center slide rails that significantly increases image stability. Plus, everyone from general users to extreme action sports enthusiasts will appreciate the new handlebar, goggle, belt, head strap, flexible spider, and monopod mounts that are now available for this system.

The submersible case included with the XTC400 has also received a professional upgrade and is certified to 250 feet deep. Tyler Cracraft, Product Manager, stated, “Our goal with this camera was to create a complete, affordable package that is easy to use. From Wi-Fi capability to the improved stability of the mounts, these cameras are sure to impress.”

With the addition of new features, the XTC400 has also remained true to its roots as an easy-to-use action camera, perfect for capturing everyday experiences. With a switch that simply slides on, users are able to live the experience without worrying about whether or not their camera is recording.

The sleek, all-black XTC400 ($199.99 MSRP) includes the camera, submersible case, USB cable, and a basic tri-mount. Model XTC450 ($219.99 MSRP) featuring Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity camouflage is also available.

To learn more about Midland XTC Wearable Video Cameras and other great products, please visit www.midlandusa.com.

To watch example videos filmed with the XTC400 in 1080p HD, please visit www.youtube.com/midlandusa.